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Adults dealing with Bipolar Disorder
This is an active community meant for ADULTS 21+ diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. It doesn't matter if you have been diagnosed for years or just days... lets help each other out.

Please keep the spamming out, and the "anti-meds" posts/comments out (do not suggest anyone quit meds). If you meditate or do yoga, good for you, but it doesn't replace the meds. We are adults here, so lets try and act like it. Feel free to share your stories, thoughts, opinions, problems, etc..

Facts About Bipolar Illness

* More than 2 million Americans have manic-depressive illness. It is extremely distressing and disruptive to their lives.
* Like any serious illness, bipolar disorder also creates problems for spouses, family members, friends, and employers.
* Family members of people with bipolar disorder often have to cope with serious behavioral problems (such as wild spending sprees) and the lasting consequences of these behaviors.
* Bipolar disorder tends to run in families, and there is strong evidence that it is inherited. However, despite ongoing research efforts, a specific genetic defect associated with the disease has not yet been identified.
* Bipolar illness has been diagnosed in children under age 12, although it is not common in this age bracket. The symptoms can be confused with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, so careful diagnosis is necessary.

Here are some first-person accounts of the various mood states associated with bipolar disorder:

I doubt completely my ability to do anything well. It seems as though my mind has slowed down and burned out to the point of being virtually useless. I am haunted with the desperate hopelessness of it all. Others say, "It's only temporary, it will pass, you will get over it," but of course they haven't any idea of how I feel, although they are certain they do. If I can't feel, move, think, or care, then what on earth is the point?


At first when I'm high, it's tremendous...ideas are fast...like shooting stars you follow until brighter ones appear...all shyness disappears, the right words and gestures are suddenly there...uninteresting people, things, become intensely interesting. Sensuality is pervasive, the desire to seduce and be seduced is irresistible. Your marrow is infused with unbelievable feelings of ease, power, well-being, omnipotence, euphoria...you can do anything...but, somewhere this changes.


The fast ideas become too fast and there are far too many...overwhelming confusion replaces clarity...you stop keeping up with it--memory goes. Infectious humor ceases to amuse. Your friends become frightened...everything is now against the grain...you are irritable, angry, frightened, uncontrollable, and trapped